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Comprehensive Guide to Paint Protection Film (PPF) for Vehicles: Types, Cost, and Installation

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a kind of transparent film that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect its paint from chips, scratches, and other damage. It can also improve the durability of your car by making it resistant to UV rays, harsh chemicals, and adverse climate conditions. It helps improve the gloss and shine of your vehicle’s paint. In this blog, we are going to discuss PPF, its benefits, drawbacks, types, costs, and all the things you need to make an informed decision about your vehicle protection. 

Importance of Paint Protection Film Coating

PPF coating is a procedure in which a thin layer of transparent film is applied to a vehicle’s exterior. It is a valuable investment for the owners of a car or bike. It can help you protect the paint of your vehicle from the wear and tear it may get while driving. This procedure will help you save money in the long run as you don’t need to pay for paint repairing and repainting that frequently.  PPF will also help you improve your vehicle appearance. It will keep your car or bike looking shiner or newer for a long time. PPF is also done to improve the resale value of your vehicle. 

How Does PPF Work?

PPF is made of a thin layer of urethane, which is transparent, mouldable, and durable in nature. It is designed to deflect and absorb impact, which further helps to prevent chips, scratches, and other types of damages to your vehicle paint.

It works in two ways:

  • Deflection: The urethane layer of PPF is very strong and is able to deflect small objects, for example: road debris, rocks. These objects may scratch or chip your vehicle paint.
  • Absorption: These urethane layers are also flexible and able to absorb the impact of large sized objects, for example hailstones and prevent them causing damage to your vehicle’s paint.

How Long Does PPF Last?

A good-quality paint protection film generally has the tendency to last for 10 years or more, while if the quality of PPF is low, it can last for about 5 years. However, there are a number of factors that affect the lifespan of PPF. These factors are 

  • Quality of the film brand
  • Driving conditions
  • Driving habits
  • Maintenance
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Care

What Are the Different Types of PPF?

There are several different types of PPF available. These types of PPF have their own benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most commonly available PPF types:

  • PPF for Cars: There are a variety of designs available in PPF for cars. These films have varieties in the level of transparency, thickness, and durability.
  • PPF for Bikes: These films are available in a wide range of options available particularly for bikes. They are customized to fit the curves and contours of the bodywork of the motorcycle.
  • Gloss PPF: Gloss PPF is meant to provide your vehicle with the best shine and gloss. However, this PPF is also less protective and more prone to chips and scratches of your vehicle’s paint.
  • Matte PPF: This type of PPF is meant to provide a matte finish to your vehicle. It is thicker and not that susceptible to chips and scratches than gloss PPF. However it does not provide a much glossy look.
  • Self-healing PPF: This type of PPF is used to repair minor chips and scratches on its own.

What Is the Cost of PPF?

The cost of PPF is not fixed and can vary based on several different factors, for example size of the vehicle, the type of PPF film used, the complexity of the installation, and the reputation of the installer. Let’s discuss one by one:

  • Size of the Vehicle: The PPF cost depends on the size of your vehicle. The larger your vehicle is, the more PPF is required, which can result in a higher cost of installation.
  • Type of PPF Film: PPF cost is dependent on the type of PPF that you are getting installed. If your PPF is higher-quality, durable, and provides better protection, it comes with a higher price tag.
  • Installation Complexity: Some PPF are complex to install. Hence they can cost more than others. For example, a custom installation is costlier as compared to pre-cut kits installation.
  • Installer’s Reputation: A well established and reputed installer who has a proven track record might charge more as compared to a less experienced or less known installer.

Cost of Paint Protection Film in Various Indian Cities

The cost of Paint Protection Film may vary between different cities depending on the variation in the cost of labor, installer availability, and the condition of the local market. The larger cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, and Hyderabad can have higher prices as compared to small cities. 

Installing Paint Protection Film on Your Vehicle

It is a complex process to get PPF installed on your vehicle. You should only get the installation done by a PPF expert or professional. Here are some important step for installing PPF on your vehicle: 

Step 1. You need to clean the surface of your car or bike surface thoroughly before you apply the film. This cleaning can include removing any dust, debris, or dirt.

Step 2.  Always choose a clean and dust free environment to apply the film. Doing so you can prevent the formation of any air bubbles under the film.

Step 3. You can use a heat gun or squeegee to keep the PPF adhere to your vehicle surface. They will help you in the removal of any air bubbles that might have formed.

Step 4. Always remember to remove any air bubbles that are formed under the film. You can do it using a squeegee or heat gun.

Step 5. After applying the film, allow it to cure for a minimum time of 24 hours before you drive your vehicle. Doing so you can ensure that the film is completely bonded to the surface.

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