Ceramic coating is a process that coats a car’s surface with a solid ceramic material. The benefits of ceramic coating are that it protects the car from weathering, corrosion and oxidation. It also provides a glossy finish that is tough and resistant to scratches. Ceramic coatings are applied on vehicles to provide protection against corrosion, abrasion, UV rays, and other environmental factors.

Ceramic coating for automobiles offers superb paint surface protection. In addition to extending the paint’s lifespan, it gives the car a stunning glossy appearance as though it had just left the factory.


Cars hold a special place in our lives. We can’t see scratches or gradual loss of color on our car’s surface. Without the right protection, saving car surfaces from environmental harm, like UV rays, can be challenging. 

Welcome to Fortify Car Care! We understand the importance of protecting your car surface very well and offer ceramic coating for automobiles to improve the efficiency and durability of car coating. The ceramic coating process involves coating car surfaces using a solid ceramic material. 

At Fortify Car Care, we offer the best ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore to provide several benefits to your car’s surface, such as protection from corrosion, oxidation, and weathering.

Protect Your Car Surface from Environmental Harm with Our Ceramic Coating

Advantages of Ceramic Coating for Automobiles​

– Durability of Your Car

Your car can avoid wear and tear for a longer time with an extra layer of protection. We use Koch-Chemie car ceramic coating bangalore and can also protect against physical hazards like scratches. Choosing the best ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore ensures that your car’s surface can tolerate flying rocks.

– Easy to Clean Your Car

Our ceramic coating’s hydrophobic qualities make washing your car easy. Water and impurities bead off the surface, making cleaning simple and effective.

– Offers Showroom Look

Fortify Car Care promises to give your car a showroom appearance at a reasonable ceramic coating for cars price. Your vehicle will appear as good as new thanks to our ceramic coating Bangalore, which highlights your care surface color’s depth and richness.

– Extra Layer of Security

Ceramic coating for automobiles creates extra protection for your vehicle from various elements. It possesses antioxidant properties, protecting your car’s surface from fading and a dull look. The ceramic coating offers huge relief to your car surface from chemical stains by preventing acidic contamination from creating a bond.

– Ceramic Coating Repels Dirt and Mud

Dirt and mud lead to quick wear and tear. So we offer ceramic coating Bangalore that repels water, dirt, mud, and other substances. Ceramic coating helps your car coating to keep dirt and mud away from your car surface, offering peace of mind from water spots.

– Economical

The ceramic coating cost for car in Bangalore can be a bit more than traditional waxing. However, comparing the benefits they offer, you will find ceramic coating for cars price a much more economical option.

Features of Our Ceramic Coating in Bangalore

9H Nano Mirror Hydrophobic Coating​

Experience the pinnacle of ceramic coating technology with Fortify Car Care’s 9H Nano Mirror Hydrophobic Coating. Our state-of-the-art coating solution enhances scratch resistance by achieving 9H hardness. It also increases the visual appearance of your car by offering a mirror-like gloss to your car’s surface. Additionally, it repels water, ensuring a self-cleaning effect and easy maintenance.

Ceramic Coating in india

A Dedicated Team

At Fortify Car Care, we employ a dedicated team for ceramic coating Bangalore. They are well-versed, experienced, and committed to providing the best ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore.

One of the Best Ceramic Coating Installer in the City

Fortify Car Care is enjoying being one of the best ceramic coating providers in Bangalore. We provide top brands Koch-Chemie ceramic coating solutions.

One of the Best Ceramic Coating Installer in the City
safety and wellnes

Safety and Wellness

We handle your car carefully while adhering to safety standards. Our dedicated team takes care of every aspect of safety to ensure the best care of your car. 

Customer Centric Approach

At Fortify Car Care, we work with various brands and care for them at the utmost level. Customer satisfaction matters to us the most, so we offer reasonable ceramic coating for cars price along with delivering high-quality service.

Customer Centric Approach

Process We Follow in Our Ceramic Car Coating Services

  1. At Fortify Car Care, our meticulous process ensures you receive top-notch car ceramic coating bangalore. We initiate a comprehensive pre-inspection to understand your unique needs.
  2. Wash is vital for the coating process. We start with a pre-rinse of your vehicle to remove loose dirt. After this, we break down surface dirt using foam. We wash the intricate area on the exterior with a soft brush until the thick layer of foam is on your vehicle. Next, we clean the wheel & wheel well with the cleaning tools.
  3. After cleaning, we dry your vehicle and remove embedded contamination from your car surface.
  4. After delicately taping delicate surfaces, our ceramic coating experts at Fortify Car Care determine the optimal combination of pads, ceramic polish for cars, and paint on your vehicle. This aims to eliminate scratches and provide your vehicle with shine as intended.
  5. Following this, we employ an eraser for surface prep, ensuring there is no polishing oil left on your vehicle surface. This ensures that your vehicle surface is super clean.
  6. After this, our ceramic coating experts apply durable 9H Nano Mirror Hydrophobic Coating.
  7. Our ceramic coating for automobiles guarantees 3-10 years of protection. However, you should be mindful about washing your vehicle for 1-2 weeks after getting the coating done. Trust us for a transformative paint correction and long-lasting ceramic coating experience.

Fortify Car Care is a renowned ceramic car coating installation provider in Bangalore. We believe in offering high-quality service to our customers by fulfilling their unique demands. We service various brands at a reasonable ceramic coating cost for car in Bangalore. Our state-of-the-art 9H Nano Mirror Hydrophobic Coating solutions help our customers fortify their car surfaces against environmental harm and physical hazards.

Moreover, we have also employed a dedicated team to offer the best ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore to provide a showroom finish. Our customer satisfaction matters to us more than anything. We go beyond boundaries to provide you with the highest quality service.

Fortify Car Care: Your Partner for Professional Ceramic Car Coating Installation

Fortify Car Care takes pride in its high-quality service that ensures better adhesives of coats in diverse conditions. Our coats also last longer, making us a one-stop solution for reasonable ceramic coating cost for car in Bangalore. Additionally, we are the only one offering MAXDECAL and LLumar paint protection film (PPF) in the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic coatings are semi-permanent coatings applied on varied surfaces to safeguard them against environmental damage. It is made up of liquid polymer, mainly consists of a Resin and a solvent, mainly Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), which delivers a hard, hydrophobic & glossy shine. Ceramic coating makes the surface easier to clean & maintain. Ceramic coating for cars is a popular method to protect the car from debris, UV rays, dirt, and minor swirls and scratches. Ceramic coating is also advantageous in different industries, including textiles, marine, construction, automotive, heavy equipment, machinery, and more. Different variants of these ceramic coatings are used in different industries like automotive, textiles, marine, heavy equipment, construction, and many more.

Ceramic Coating is a chemical polymer solution that functions as a magical potion for cars. It harmonizes with the paint of your car and creates an added hydrophobic layer of protection, protecting your car from external paint damage. It removes the menace of chemical etching and oxidation of the paint. Auto ceramic coating is a terrific way to protect the car from dirt, grime, and stain marks from appearing on the paint job and ruining the outer coat. Ceramic coating for cars is a great alternative to waxing and provides a permanent or semi-permanent solution for fading damage and scratches.

Ceramic coatings last between 2 to 10 years. However, many factors affect the lifespan of ceramic coating. Living in torrid or temperate climates is best to increase the shelf life of your coating. But some factors like continuous driving in extreme weather conditions, regular usage of harsh chemicals, wrong washing methods, or polishing the car can make the coating wear down too soon. These factors can bring tiny cracks in the ceramic, which eventually leads to rust. Anyone looking for ceramic coating in Bangalore can contact Fortify Car Care. We employ advanced technology and hold years of experience in ceramic coating Bangalore.

You can apply the ceramic coating yourself if you follow the instructions meticulously for a successful DIY application. Self-application is undoubtedly feasible but does not deliver effective results. Ceramic coating Bangalore is an investment. It is advisable to opt for professionals who possess the expertise to ensure proper surface preparation and application, leading to a more durable and effective coating. You can achieve optimal results with professional application. Fortify Car Care provides a ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore with precision and unwavering commitment.

Ceramic coating for automobiles delivers resistance against light scratches and swirl marks on your car, but it doesn’t make the vehicle entirely scratch-proof. It depends on the intensity of scratch and damage on your car. Car ceramic coating helps to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle by forming a protective layer that can mitigate the impact of minor abrasions. It is well suited for enhancing the durability, paint and shine on the car. While it enhances the hardness of the surface, it’s essential to acknowledge its limitations in preventing all forms of scratches.

Undoubtedly Yes. Ceramic coating can be applied to any vehicle surface, including paint, glass, metal, and plastic. New car ceramic coating is a popular way to retain the brand-new look of the car. Ceramic coating provides comprehensive protection to all exterior components. It forms an added layer of durability and resistance to environmental contaminants. Fortify Car Care is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for ceramic coating for car in Bangalore.

Fortify Car Care will provide a complete guide to maintaining your car after our ceramic coating on car. Once we have done the application, maintain your car by washing it only with a pH neutral shampoo and water solution. You should avoid abrasive materials and follow our recommended care practices and booster coats to prolong the effectiveness of the coating. Sticking to a consistent ceramic coating car routine will ensure the longevity of the coating.

Auto ceramic coating can be removed due to its semi-permanent bonding nature. It has long-term effects and permanence on the vehicle’s exterior. However, removing car ceramic coating is a formidable task as traditional washing or chemical solutions are ineffective in this regard. It requires abrasive methods and professional assistance for complete removal. 

There are several products containing harsh alkaline substances that help to remove ceramic coating but they should be used with care. Any wrong application of these products can lead to permanent damage on the surface of the car. Contact Fortify Car Care for car ceramic coating removal.

But for long-lasting protection and shine, both super ceramic coating and occasional waxing can be used for comprehensive protection and a sustained high level of shine. Both wax and supper ceramic coating help to provide a showroom finish to the car. Although, it’s worth noting that ceramic coating tends to be more expensive. In such instances, waxing is a viable alternative, which helps to preserve the shine of your car for months. You can contact us today for the best ceramic coating for cars.

Ceramic Coating is highly suitable for brand new cars. It is one of the most popular options in the market today. Ceramic coating on cars provides immediate protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and potential hazards. It helps to preserve its pristine condition for an extended duration. Anyone who has opted for the best ceramic coating for cars in Bangalore from Fortify Car Care can ensure that their vehicle retains its showroom-like appearance for a more extended period. It will also help to avoid costly repairs in the long run, adding value to the initial investment. Contact us to learn about the estimated cost of ceramic coating for cars.