Car wraps create a distinctive and cool look on any vehicle. They come in carbon fiber looks, brushed metal, matte colors, and high gloss colors. Motorsports are finding value in the wraps. The vinyl used in designing the wrap is a preferred option because it is lighter than paint. That is important when speed is of the essence.

ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is a process that coats a car’s surface with a solid ceramic material. The benefits of ceramic coating are that it protects the car from weathering, corrosion and oxidation. It also provides a glossy finish that is tough and resistant to scratches.

paint protection film

The paint Protection film is four layers of varying compounds making one PPF.  It is a type of coating which is used for more protection than to get a good look of it. PPF can heal any scratches put on it as long as they don’t harm the layer and break it. 

Sun Control Film

The Sun Control Film For Cars is placed on the interior of the glass window. Its purpose is to limit solar heat gain, UV radiation, and glare that might otherwise come through the window. In cold months, the film also prevents heat loss through the window to the outdoors.



Get the Finest Car Detailing Services With Us

India is the 4th largest producer of Automobiles in the world. Hence, it cannot be denied that auto car detailing in India is critical to ensure pristine car condition. Auto detailing service in India is the art and craft of cleaning and restoring a car to a new condition. It is a precise and labor-intensive process. Though many car detailing services are available, getting professional ones takes a lot of work.

Fortify Car Care is here for you if you are struggling to avail the best auto detailing service in India. We provide the finest auto detailing service in Bangalore. Quality and loyalty are the foremost pillars of our auto car detailing in India.



Auto Detailing Service in Bangalore has emerged as a crucial aspect of automotive care in India, transcending beyond mere aesthetics to become a vital practice for maintaining and enhancing the overall value of vehicles. In a country where cars are more than just modes of transportation, often reflecting one’s status and personality, the significance of auto car detailing in India has grown exponentially. With time the exterior of a car is subjected to multiple factors such as dirt, dust, UV rays.
One of the primary reasons car detailing holds such importance in India is the challenging climate conditions. Car detailing price in Bangalore involves a meticulous cleaning and protection process that shields the paintwork from harsh UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants, ensuring the longevity of the vehicle’s finish. A  meticulously detailed exterior enhances visibility and safety on the road by ensuring that all parts are clean and free from obstruction.

Moreover, Indian roads are notorious for dust, debris, and road grime, which can accumulate on a car’s surface over time. The best car detailing in Bangalore and other parts of India goes beyond the regular car wash by addressing these accumulated contaminants. The process includes thorough cleaning, clay bar treatment, and polishing, resulting in a pristine and polished appearance. This not only enhances the car’s visual appeal but also contributes to the preservation of its resale value.

Furthermore, the booming luxury car segment in India has elevated the demand for premium auto detailing services in Bangalore and other parts of the world. Owners of high-end vehicles seek specialized detailing treatments to maintain the immaculate condition of their prized possessions. The best car detailing in Bangalore professionals employ advanced techniques and premium products to cater to the discerning requirements of luxury car owners, ensuring that every intricate detail is attended to with precision.

Paint Protection Film

It is a thermoplastic polyurethane film. It is applied to painted surfaces of cars to protect them against minor abrasions, stone chips, and bug splatters. We offer myriad finishes, innovative two-in-one products, and go-to favourites that are self-healing and adequately tested. Being one of the best auto detailing service in India, you can choose the product and take any road with confidence.

PPF coating

Ceramic Coating

It is the most noted product in the detailing world. Also known as nano-coating. It protects the car’s surface against environmental damage, like abrasion and UV rays. It provides a glossy finish, which is tough and scratch-resistant. Furthermore, Silicon Dioxide is the most commonly used resin in ceramic coating. Different factors need to be considered while applying nano-coating. Our best car detailing in Bangalore helps you get the accurate one.

Graphene Coating

They are one of the innovations in the automobile industry. Graphene coating repels water and surface contaminants. This makes it easier to keep your car clean and looking its best. Furthermore, our auto detailing service in India improves the vehicle’s appearance and leaves a smooth and satiny surface.


Car Wrapping

This is when the car is partially or fully covered with a vinyl film. It is directly applied to the car’s surface. Our car wrap professional auto detailing service in Bangalore helps you modify the look of your car without any need to pay through the nose for a complete respray. Apart from this, we offer different types of car wrapping that prominently covers Read More…

Sun Control Film

It is installed to minimize the heat and glare entering the car. It filters the electromagnetic spectrum in a targeted manner. It enables visible light passing and restricts harmful UV rays and infrared heat energy. Sun control film is a must-have if you are used to spending a lot of time in a car.

Car Window Shield

Features of Our Auto Detailing Service in India

Customer Centric Solutions

We have worked on different brands that we care about to the utmost level. We believe in delivering our customers the best and most customized car detailing solutions. So many people want to take good care of their cars, and our car detailing Bangalore is the epitome of delivering that.

Safety and Wellness

We handle your car with the best possible safety standards and offer you a reasonable car detailing price in Bangalore. Our team of professionals takes care of all the nitty-gritty of your car. For instance, we have a dedicated team that is well-versed in delivering the best ceramic protection and car detailing Bangalore. service in the detailing industry.

High-Quality Products

We use quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), and coatings that suit the needs of our customers. We encompass first-hand expertise with the finest detailing products. We go above and beyond to provide car detailing prices in Bangalore.

What gives us our unique edge?

We handle your car with the best possible safety standards and offer you a reasonable car detailing price in Bangalore.
Our team of professionals takes care of all the nitty-gritty of your car. For instance, we have a dedicated team that is well-versed in delivering the best ceramic protection and car detailing Bangalore. service in the detailing industry.

What We Stand For?


Fortify Car Care Paint Protection Films and Sun Control Films are results of vertically integrated manufacturing processes. These make them top-notch in quality to stay longer.

High quality

We guarantee you high-quality consumables. We use top quality adhesives, urethanes, and clear coats to match the customers’ needs


We go beyond boundaries to offer the best car care and surface protection to your car.

Paint Protection Film
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